Our goal for a better future for hospitality.

The story of me&u is the story of us - a community working together to build a brighter future for the hospitality industry.

It inspired our goal to help us reach a brighter future of hospitality, and invite the industry and its guests to Tap On.

To tap on to a smarter way to order & pay. To good times together made even easier. To awesome experiences in thriving venues.

Where we feel at home telling familiar stories, and making new ones.

To eat on, drink on, laugh on, dine on and gather on, with a simple Tap On me&u.

Growing up in a family who ran their own restaurant, a love of hospitality is in founder Stevan Premutico’s roots.

Our people.

Thats us! Meet the team behind me&u.

Stevan Premutico


One of Australia’s leading tech entrepreneurs in the food & tech space. In 2007, Stevan conceptualised Dimmi Online Restaurant Reservations and in 2015, it was acquired by TripAdvisor. Now he is back with me&u, which is set to change the way we order & pay.

Asheesh Chacko


The serious guy that you can trust. Asheesh ensures we are a true partner to the hospo industry. Ex Dimmi and TripAdvisor he has a demonstrated history of working in the hospo & tech industries. He is skilled in managing SME’s scale globally and leads the Operations and Finance teams at me&u.

Kish Modi


The product guy obsessed with food & tech. Previously Head of Innovation at HelloFresh he has worked in food tech space previously and is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. Kish places the customer at the heart of every experience.

Charlotte Curl

Business Development

Charlotte was previously at Afterpay and has a healthy addiction to the start-up space. Driven by people and innovation she leads a high-performing team to deliver me&u to more venues, setting up operators for success.

Our supporters.

Meet our investors, advisors & friends that inspire and drive us.

Justin Hemmes


Cliff Rosenberg

AfterPay, LinkedIn

William Easton


Neil Perry

Rockpool Dining Group

Robbie Cooke


Jason Pellegrino

Google, Domain

John Szangolies

Urban Purveyor Group

Mike Abbott


Tim Reed

Business Council Australia

me&u in the news

February 2021

In July last year, me&u introduced an option for diners to tip and the take up had been huge. “We expect $10 million to be left in tips across Australia through me&u this year", said Premutico...

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May 2020

Stevan Premutico is the founder of hospitality tech startup Dimmi (now The Fork) back in 2009 which was acquired in 2015 for $25m. He then founded me&u, which has secured $11m from investors, and...

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February 2020

This episode is about leadership, it’s about taking risks, it’s about fear, it’s about winning and it’s about losing. But most of all, it’s about living a life in the pursuit of ones full potential, a life without regret.

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January 2020

The digital revolution may just be colliding with the start of the end of the world that we knew. Strap yourself in, then, for the food trends we think will really rock your world.

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July 2019

Stevan Premutico swore he would never go back to the "absurd" world of startups after departing restaurant booking service Dimmi, the multimillion company he sold to Tripadvisor — then the ideas started flowing.

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July 2019

After a 12-month sabbatical following the sale of restaurant booking app Dimmi, Stevan Premutico is back with another piece of hospitality-tech sure to make waves in the industry.

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March 2019

Billionaire rich lister Justin Hemmes and fintech bank challenger Tyro have led an $8 million investment in hospitality food ordering and payments app me&u.

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August 2018

Stevan is one of Australia’s leading tech entrepreneurs. In 2007, in the middle of the GFC he conceptualised Dimmi Online Restaurant Reservations on the back of a napkin and went on to revolutionise..

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