me&u partners with ClubsNSW

me&u becomes ClubsNSW’s preferred partner for at-table ordering and payments, helping clubs across the state thrive and elevate their customer experience.


me&u partners with ClubsNSW.

We’re thrilled to announce that me&u is ClubsNSW preferred partner for at-table contactless ordering and payments. ClubsNSW is the leading body that represents and supports the growth of clubs across the state, and the me&u platform will be endorsed to their 1200+ members.

This partnership will allow guests to tap or scan the me&u beacon, order from a digital menu and pay, all from the table. It’s a safer, more convenient and smarter way to order and pay. The integration with major POS systems will allow guests to unlock membership discounts, and use points with every me&u order. Here are a few key ways me&u makes life easier for club operators: 

Membership Discounts: me&u  integrates with existing loyalty programs, so members can be rewarded for every order. 

Customised Sections: menus can be tailored to different areas and to change at programmed times of the day. 

Data Sharing: me&u shares invaluable information with venues, so they can use insights to improve efficiency. 

This partnership will be an exciting step for the club experience and we’re thankful we could be a part of rebuilding an industry so close to the hearts of Australian people.

Chief Digital Officer ClubsNSW, David Mcgrath said: 

“Covid-19 has brought about many changes to the way we all interact with each other. It’s also been a significant year for technology to help drive customer and business changes.
 Mobile ordering of food and beverages is one of the big new innovations, and me&u is without doubt one of the most innovative and customer-friendly applications in Australia.” 

As people return to their favourite community clubs over the holidays, this is a great opportunity for club operators to boost the venue experience and rebound from the impacts of COVID-19 in a safe and sustainable way. 

me&u is proven to help operators boost their bottom line, with an average 27.5% increase in order value compared with non-me&u transactions. We’re passionate about being an ally for the hospitality industry and helping businesses rebuild and thrive. 

“It’s been a tough year for clubs and for patrons alike, with the industry being a beacon of strength and resilience across our various communities. Reopening in a safe and responsible way has helped us all back to some normality, which we’re all thankful for.”

Are you a member of ClubsNSW? 

me&u is proud to support clubs across the state with 3 months free for the first 25 registered clubs. Click HERE to join the smarter menu movement!