The future of hospitality: smarter features to help you operate better

A guide to me&u’s features - built for hospitality, by hospitality. Discover how you can elevate the guest experience, unlock more sales, and operate smarter.


With the explosion of mobile payments and touchless trends in ordering, some might be left wondering, is technology ruining hospitality? The simple answer is no. While the world is evolving and the hospitality industry is becoming more influenced by digital technology, it won’t be replacing human interaction completely anytime soon. 

In fact, we think technology and innovation can be a saviour for the industry helping venue owners elevate the guest experience, keep customers engaged for longer, and ultimately create a more profitable business. Read on to discover some of me&u’s smarter features that are built with hospitality venue owners in mind.

Operate smarter: we’ll take care of the admin so you’ve got more time to spend with guests

Meet Billy

He’s not much of a talker, but he’ll get the order right every time and will even remember your guests’ last drink order. You’ll find Billy the beacon at me&u venues in the middle of the table allowing guests to tap, order, and pay on their mobiles without leaving their tables. Say goodbye to printed menus, racing to the other side of the room to grab the eftpos machine, and long queues at the food counter. The cherry on top? Billy will even take care of the bill* for you. This means more time to create magical experiences for your guests.

*Pun intended.

Give your guests a heads up

Whether your chef has got a tomahawk steak that’s firing away or you’ve run out of the chef's seafood special of the day, we know it can be tricky managing customer expectations when orders are coming through quickly. Our Wait Times and Sold Outs features, lets you mark categories on the menu with a set wait time during busy service periods or quickly mark an item as sold out to avoid customer disappointment.

Public holidays just became easier to manage in advance

Work smarter with our Surcharges feature, allowing you to easily set recurring or one-off surcharges. Whether it’s Sunday services or upcoming public holidays, our surcharges can be set up in advance to automatically start at a certain time and day. Simply set and forget.

Show me the money

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. The good news is that Refunds are easy with me&u. Coming  in October, you’ll be able to set your staff permissions so that managers can process refunds, and we’ll keep your guest up to date throughout the process with an SMS to confirm their refund and another one once the refund has been processed. We’ll even issue them an updated order receipt via their email to keep on record.

Improve the bottom line with features that get customers spending more

Customers spend 27.5% more with me&u

Our Quicksells feature leverages a powerful AI algorithm that’s based on your customer’s order trends. We’ll suggest the most popular food items at the checkout to enhance every dining experience. That’s more revenue unlocked for your venue.

Want fries with that? 

With our Smart Upselling feature, your venue can increase the average transaction value with add-ons your customers didn’t realise they needed. Let your customers easily add a side dish or a drink with their meal with our upsells feature. No pushy sales tactics required.

Hero the best meals and drinks

Got a popular cocktail or Chef’s Special? Help your indecisive guests and mark it as a Featured Product. Featured Product highlights one item right at the top of your menu for each service and section, helping to draw customer eyes and help with ordering decisions.

Grateful customers = increased tips for your venue

The traditional jar tip was seeing a slow death as more venues have embraced cashless solutions. While there may be a significant decline in cash tips for workers, the good news is that there’s a digital solution to make things easier. Enter Enhanced Tipping. Since the introduction at me&u, our venues have seen up to 50% growth in tips. Customers are prompted to leave a tip after they order with 100% of tips through me&u going directly to supporting and rewarding venue staff. Venues can configure which suggested tipping amounts are shown, or let their customers decide.

Everyone’s a winner, your guests will love us too.

Waiting in queues is a thing of the past

Let's face it, customers hate waiting. If they no longer have to wait over 15 minutes for a taxi, why should they be standing around in queues? me&u's at-table ordering platform means more time at the table with friends, and less getting up to grab the next round. Talk about elevating the guest experience.

Let’s get the party started

Let your guests rock up and start a tab without leaving their table. Our Group Tabs feature takes the hassle out of managing functions or special occasions. House wines and beers on tap only? No worries. You can set up limited menus or special function menus that guests can order from. We’ll remind your guests when their tab reaches 20% and prompt them to increase their spending limit and the cherry on top? No need to chase up the tab owner to return their credit card at the end of the night.

Another round? 

Easy Reordering makes it easy for customers to place another order for the same drink at a tap. Get your guests ordering more by removing the queue and keep them in your venue for longer. Another Belvedere vodka lime soda, coming right up.

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