Why venues are tapping on.

It's your menu.

Make your me&u menu your own with beautiful images of your venue.

Show off your venue
Select an image to show guests as they load your menu, or check their past orders.
Your own menu
Showcase your delicious offerings in a menu wrapped with your brand colours and logos.
Branded receipts
Leave a lasting impression with custom branded email receipts on every order.

Works with your venue, just the way it is.

Sold outs

Quickly mark an item as sold out in an instant, avoiding guest disappointment.


Whether it’s the Friday night dinner rush, or the Monday morning coffee blitz, let customers know when to expect longer preparation times before they place an order.

Real-time menu updates

me&u automatically changes menus & pricing as often as you need it to.


No food outside? Alfresco open only on weekends? Sections gives you the control to adjust your menu & docket printing rules by where your guests are seated.

POS integration on a whole new level.

Complements your existing POS

Get dockets, track your inventory and report your daily takings in POS - just like you’re used to. No tablet or app required.

Print dockets like you're used to

me&u orders print & display in your POS just like regular orders. Run your kitchen, just like you do today.

Stay in sync

me&u stays up to date with your POS. Changed some prices or removed last seasons offerings? We’ll let you know so you can keep taking orders.

Multiple printers? Sorted

Multiple kitchens or printers? No worries. Your dockets will print exactly where you expect them to.

Data that's good for the bottom line.

Build your mailing list

Grow your reach when your guests select to be added to your mailing list & receive future promotions.

Payments portal

Get hourly updates on how your venue is performing. View todays takings, orders & compare with your previous activity.

Instant feedback

Guests can rate their experience every time they dine with you, so you know exactly how things are going.

It's your data

What’s selling and when? Identify dining trends with aggregated data that you can use to monitor your COGS or location marketing opportunities.

Got more questions?

What Point Of Sale (POS) do you support?
me&u integrates with seven of the leading POS providers in Australia. For the full list see our supported POS systems.
What if my POS isn’t listed?
We’re always adding POS systems based on demand from you, our partners. Send a submission form to flag your POS, and once it’s integrated we’ll sing out.
How does me&u save me time?
We shift the focus for staff so they do less ‘taking of orders’ and more ‘elevating the customer experience’. me&u ensures customers engage in ordering immediately, while staff can get back to serving efficiencies, and more seamless order-of-service execution. That’s what drives revenue.
How does me&u make me money?
Less time in queues means faster ordering and more transactions. More transactions means individual users deliver higher average transaction value in each me&u session.
How do I build a menu?
me&u will guide you through the full set up process. That means strategising to maximise revenue per order, customising your add-on sales, promotions, price combos and more. We build the menu for you to get you set up fast, helping to train your staff, and integrate your processes from the outset.
Can you only use me&u in big venues like Opera Bar?
We have success stories about me&u in any venue size, from small alleyway bars, fast casual dining, and some of Australia’s largest pubs and clubs.
Does me&u offer support?
Yes, me&u has an Australian based support team that works when you need us, to ensure any issues or requests are addressed in real time. Our support lines are open 7 days a week, 8am to midnight on Friday and Saturday, and 8am to 10pm from Sunday to Thursday.
Is there staff training?
Yes, me&u will guide you and your team through the full process of integrating me&u into your venue. We will give your staff full training on how to use the app, manage your venue, and seamlessly integrate me&u into your service experience.
Do diners find me&u easy to use?
With an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 from more than 50,000 reviews, our customer advocacy speaks for itself.
Does me&u work on all mobile phones?
Yes, me&u is a web-based experience so any smartphone can use it. Our NFC chip gets you started with a tap, or scan the QR code with your phones camera.
Can I control my menu and items that are sold out in real time?
Yes, that’s part of the dynamic. With our venue management system you can have full control over your venue (from anywhere) via our content manager.
Can customers pay with cash if they want?
me&u accepts all contactless payment types including credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. If customers prefer to use cash, they can always approach the counter, but our hospitality space is fast moving beyond this.
What extra hardware do I need to use me&u?
None. If me&u integrates with your current POS, we’re already good to get started.
Do the beacons need to be charged?
Never. A tiny chip does all the work so you don’t need to worry about replacing or recharging.
Are the beacons water resistant?
They had to be. With all hospitality environments in mind, the beacons are 100% weather resistant and can be left outside, indefinitely.

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me&u is trusted by venues across Australia, from the Merivale Group to The Camfield. Together, we’re just getting started in creating the best experience at venues.

Every venue is unique, which is why me&u is designed to fit your venue & make it better. We’d be happy to give you a demonstration of how me&u can work uniquely for you & your guests.

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