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COVID-19 has changed the industry for good. Amidst the economic devastation, this crisis presents a rare opportunity to “rewrite” the biz model, inspiring a more profitable industry. So we got busy, creating a more responsive me&u technology to ensure we’re ready to serve you and your patrons on the other side.

What customers are saying about dining post-COVID.

65% want to view the menu on their phone
60% are now wary of standing in queues
95% prefer to use cashless payment
What else?

• Customers no longer want to stand in congested queues at the counter

• Customers no longer want to touch physical menus

• Customers no longer want to handle cash

• Customers will expect more hygiene sensitive experiences

• Unfortunately, traditional service flows no longer align with the new expectations of customers and the new restrictions that are likely to be imposed by the government when we open the doors again.

“To survive coronavirus, restaurants can never go back to ‘normal’. The pandemic will irrevocably change diners’ relationship with eating out, and restaurants need to be ready.”
– Eater Magazine

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Eating & drinking out trends in Australia, post COVID-19
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Hospitality 2.0, 21 predictions for the other side of COVID.
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How will you benefit?

Increased customer spend
Customers are likely to spend 15-20% more when they order with me&u
Simple re-ordering
Customers are likely to order more “rounds” when ordering with me&u
Focus on the experience
Shift in labour from “Order Taking” to providing “Customer Service”
Customer data at your fingertips
Data Capture to drive repeat patronage, build your mailing list & track order trends.

How will your customers benefit?

Contactless ordering
Customer demand of a more “contactless” experience in a hygiene sensitive world will be met
Order from table
Improved convenience as customers can now order direct from table without standing in queues
Filling the gap
Offers a solution to 71% of customers who prefer the convenience of mobile ordering
Elevated experience
Improved customer experience as the host can oversee the entire floor and provide higher standard of service

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