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The smart menu that lives inside your pocket & adapts to whichever restaurant you walk into

A menu that allows you to seamlessly order your food and pay your bill. me&u takes care of the basics so that the floor staff can spend more time elevating the overall restaurant experience. Better service and hospitality means the experience becomes less transactional and more enjoyable. No matter where you are me&u knows your favourite foods, dietary needs, the best dishes and your preferred method of payment.

No more items on the menu you won’t like or can’t eat. No more interrupting the moment with family and friends. No more waving your hand about trying to get that waiter’s attention. No more trying to decipher the best wine to go with your meal. And finally no more hanging around waiting to pay for your meal.

By transforming the traditional menu, me&u is making restaurants the most hospitable places on earth.

Who we are

While we are a tech brand, we are actually humanity obsessed

First we brought you dimmi to make it easier to book your favourite restaurants, now we bring you me&u to make it easier for you to order & pay in restaurants.

Our mission is centered around improving people’s restaurant experiences. We do this by ensuring you don’t have to wait to order your food or wait to pay the bill. We know your favourite meals in advance and guide you to the best dishes so you can enjoy more memorable dining experiences. When you interact with me&u, we don’t take you out of the moment, instead we enhance the experience.


We believe that a small bunch of people can achieve impossible things

Stevan Premutico


ex Dimmi Founder

Kiarne Greener

Head of Operations

ex Dimmi, Criniti's

Kishan Modi

Head of Product

ex HelloFresh, THR1VE

Damian Smith

Strategy & Growth

ex Dimmi, Ten, Rate City

James Fawcett

Senior Engineer

ex Optiva, Morgan Stanley

Samantha Butt

Hospitality Consultant

ex Dimmi, Accor

Martin Briant

Hospitality Consultant

ex Dimmi

Calum Gunn

Business Development

ex Dimmi

David Nada

Business Development

ex Deliveroo

James Foley

Business Development

ex Comedian

Anthony Mackenzie


ex Criniti's Group

Phoebe Stewart

Marketing & Support

ex Dimmi, Sydney Restaurant Group

Isabella Moore


ex Freelance Photographer

Ian Wei


ex Tech wizard

John Scott

Chief Technology

ex Dimmi, Macquarie Bank

Advisors & Stakeholders

We get our tips from the best

Cliff Rosenberg

NED Afterpay, ex NED Dimmi, MD LinkedIn APAC

John Szangolies

Founder Urban Purveyor Group

Asheesh Chako

ex CFO Dimmi/TripAdvisor

Neil Perry

Rockpool Group, Celebrity chef

Stevan Premutico

Founder Dimmi + me&u

Damian Smith

ex Dimmi, Channel 10, Rate City, Telstra

Will Easton

MD Facebook Australia, ex NED Dimmi

Jason Pellegrino

Domain CEO, ex MD Google Aus

Mike Abbott

ex COO Uber Australia

Tim Reed

CEO, myob

Michael Jiang

CEO Lotus Reataurant Group

Ian Dresner

founder Rebel Sports, ex Wildfire Restaurant

Adam Clarke

ex CEO Respak

Ernest Clarke

Founder Respak

John Scott

ex CTO Dimmi/TripAdvisor, Division Director at Macquarie Bank

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